In my teaching, I apply a humanizing pedagogy approach to learning. Per this approach, teachers and students engage in reflection on the ways in which historical injustices shape the educational process. Without recognizing aspects of historical marginalization and minoritization, teachers are not able to leverage the full potential of each individual student, while fully integrating their lived experiences in the process of learning. 

I've taught a number of courses on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to, consumer behavior, integrated campaigns, cross-cultural journalism and strategic communication, digital media strategies, digital analytics, social media in society, quantitative/qualitative research methods, and media psychology and psychophysiology. 

This page provides a few sample syllabi for courses I have taught, primarily, at Michigan State University. 

To download sample syllabi, click on image. 

Consumer Behavior [ADV 375]

Course geared toward undergraduate students in the Advertising Management major, and entails a review of psychological theories related to consumer behavior and advertising.


Multimedia Content Creation [ADV 835]

In this graduate course (MA in Advertising and Public Relations), students learn to develop and execute digital advertising and public relations strategies


Digital Media Strategies [CAS 827]

Part of the Online MA Program in Strategic Communication, this course focuses on developing a comprehensive digital marketing/advertising strategy.


Audience Analytics [CAS 840]

Part of the Online MA Program in Strategic Communication, this course focuses on developing data-driven insights using social and digital media analytics.


Introduction to Quantitative Methods [COM 803]

An introductory graduate-level course that reviews quantitative research methods (i.e., content analysis, survey, and experiments) and data analysis (using SPSS).

COM803-Fall19 - Syllabus_Page_1_edited_edited.jpg

Advanced Research Methods [CAS 975]

A required course for the Information and Media Ph.D. program, the course reviews major quantitative and qualitative research methods.