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Research Posters

With a background in graphic design, I apply my passion for creativity and visual storytelling to translate research findings for academic and non-academic audiences.

Click on any of the infographic-like research posters below (partial list) for full pop-up view.

DCHC, 2021

Global differences in research on the relationship between social media and alcohol use.


AEJMC, 2020

Does watching animals in real life and on the screen have the same effect on stress reduction?


ICA, 2019

Responding to digital racism: Bystander responses to racist posts on social media.


AEJMC, 2015

How much is your Facebook account worth? The monetary value of Facebook as a function of its uses and gratifications using the second-price auction technique.


AEJMC, 2015

Opening the advertising crayon box: Applying Kobayashi’s color theory to advertising effectiveness.


AEJMC, 2014

From clicks to behaviors: The mediating effect of viral behavioral intentions on the relationship between attitudes and offline behavioral intentions.

TPB_Handout_Page_1 copy.jpg

AEJMC, 2013

Tell me who you are, I tell you how you use Facebook: Exploring the relationship between motivational reactivity and moral foundations, and the U&G of Facebook.


AEJMC, 2013

Alcohol, sex, ‘n’ text messaging: Effects of pro-alcohol and anti-alcohol display ads on evaluations of Texts From Last Night Facebook updates and drinking intentions.


ICA, 2012

Individual differences matter: How motivational reactivity and implicit attitudes moderate the effects of race congruency on the persuasiveness of tailored health messages.


ICA, 2011

Newspaper journalists and public health professionals: Building the health news agenda in community newspapers.


AEJMC, 2020

Motivations to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok: Predicting problematic use and continuance intentions.


AEJMC, 2019

Effects of candidate lateral location and eye gaze direction in political ads: Evidence from self-report and eye movement patterns.


AEJMC, 2017

Is it the ad or what precedes it?: Responses to ads following emotional content: An excitation transfer perspective.


AEJMC, 2015

Generational differences in online safety perceptions, knowledge, and practices.


ICA, 2015

The effects of Twitter users’ weight status and gender on attitudes and viral behavioral intentions toward obesity-related news coverage.


AEJMC 2014

Cyberbullying YouTube videos: What makes them different and what makes them viral?


AEJMC, 2012

Psychological individual differences and the U&G of Facebook: The relationship between personality traits and motivational reactivity and the motivations and intensity to use Facebook in Taiwan.


ICA, 2013

The moderating effect of implicit evaluations and motivational reactivity on processing anti-alcohol tweets by Native American and white protagonists.


AEJMC, 2011

Multitasking across borders: Media multitasking behaviors in the U.S., Russia, and Kuwait.

Multitasking poster 2.jpg