Personal Profile

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I grew in Palestine. At the age of 15, I was part of a youth group that launched the first-ever youth newspaper in Palestine, which then grew to become one of the leading non-profit organization in the area, mainly focusing on empowering youth, specifically at-risk youth, and using media as a vehicle for alleviating the effects of the conflict and realizing rights and voice of young Palestinians. My academic and scholarly experience is largely influenced by my previous professional experience, as I study the role media, namely social and digital media, play in influencing people's psychology as it pertains to attitude and behavior change. My research primarily envisions a revising of our theoretical thinking regarding persuasion. In doing so, I've collaborated on a number of studies showcasing the significant and strong relationship between online engagement intentions and offline behavioral intentions in varying contexts. My nonprofit background also illuminates my pedagogical philosophy. The COVID-19 pandemic offered a remarkable opportunity to reevaluate my teaching philosophy, which is greatly informed by the humanizing pedagogy approach. Per this approach, I structure my courses in a way where me and my students "analyze, disrupt, and transform the inequitable histories and realities that often underpin" education by taking into the sociopolitical factors and student's lived experiences that shape knowledge acquisition and application.

Academic Positions


2018 - Present

Michigan State University

2011 - 2018

Michigan State University

2014 - Present

Michigan State University

2011 - Present

Michigan State University

Associate Professor

Department of Advertising and Public Relations

College of Communication Arts & Sciences

Assistant Professor

Department of Advertising and Public Relations

Department of Media & Information (joint-appointment until 2016)

College of Communication Arts & Sciences


Media and Advertising Psychology (MAP) Lab

The MAP Lab encompasses faculty and students interested in the study of mediated communication using bio-psychological approaches (psychophsiological and eye-tracking measures)

Core Faculty Member / Research Associate 

  • Cognitive Science Program

  • Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection (A-CAPP

  • Muslim Studies Program

  • Health & Risk Communication Center

  • Children's Central

2008 - 2011

University of Missouri, School of Journalism

2006 - 2008

University of Missouri, School of Journalism

2000 - 2005

Birzeit University

Ph.D. in Journalism

  • ​Focus: Strategic Communication & New Media

  • Dissertation: Playing their Game: Changing American Students' Attitudes and Stereotypes toward Palestinians and Israelis through Video Game Play

  • Committee: Dr. Kevin Wise (chair/advisor), Dr. Esther Thorson, Dr. Glenn Leshner, Dr. Margaret Duffy, & Dr. Bruce Bartholow (Dept. of Psychology)

M.A. in Strategic Communication (Fulbright Scholarship)

  • Thesis: Youth 2 Youth: Effect of Online Social Networking on Images and Stereotypes of Palestinian and American Youth

  • Committee; Dr. Fritz Cropp (chair/advisor), Dr. Glenn Leshner, Dr. Margaret Duffy, Dr. Alfred, C. Drury

B.A. In Journalism & Political Science 

​Department of Journalism, Faculty of Arts