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Researching Digital Persuasion Effects & Preparing Students to Become the Best Professional Communicators




I'm an Associate Professor of Advertising. I study digital persuasion effects, where I examine the effects of digital and social media advertising and persuasion in a variety of contexts, including health, risky behaviors, and commercial advertising. 

As an Associate Professor in Michigan State University's Department of Advertising and Public Relations, College of Communication Arts & Sciences and co-Director of the Media and Advertising Psychology (MAP) Lab, I best identify as a teacher-scholar. My research is dedicated to unearthing the multitude of digital media's persuasive effects on individuals and societies. As a teacher, I help undergraduate and graduate students achieve their best potential by cultivating research skills, knowledge of digital environments, and determination to advance issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their professional communication. 



I take a post-positivist approach to examining the persuasive effects and processes associated with social media use. 

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Following the humanizing pedagogy approach, I structure my courses to help students gain skills and knowledge of advertising, public relations, research methods, and media psychology.

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